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I'm a visually obsessed, native New Yorker, who's always searching for the coolest in design, food & travel. 

Over the last 5 years, I left a well established career in healthcare to pursue my passion for design and writing.  This website is my little piece of inspiration, thoughts & adventures as I seek out the most creative spaces  & experiences around the world.

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"Doctors save
lives by
a healthy life.
Designers save
lives by
a life worth living." 
-Mark W. Perrett
5 #Vivalacool Moments 5.29.15

5 #Vivalacool Moments 5.29.15


I celebrated a friend's birthday at the Press Lounge last weekend, and I have to tell you that the views from this rooftop lounge are absolutely amazing! If you are looking for a beautiful rooftop space to spend some time this weekend, this might be a winner. 


Interior designer, Jaclyn Joslin, did an awesome job of blending both modern and rustic aesthetics into the home of Brooklyn blogger, Brynn Elliott Watkins of BeingElliott.com. The home, featured on Rue.com, not only highlights personal mementos from Brynn's travels, but is seamlessly curated as a true expression of the blogger's personal style. Check out the rest of the photos here.  



The 15th Annual OFFF Conference for creatives around the globe is being held in Barcelona this weekend. Can't wait to learn what innovative collaborations will come from this awesome event! 



Two architects, Maria Roca and Erika Biarnes, have taken furniture making to a new, accessible level. With their colorful snap on clips, one can create a table out of any flat surface. Hello, awesome DIY! Check out the Be-Elastic video on Kickstarter for more inspiration!



Wow! I just learned there is a Soho House in Instanbul, and after finding these photos, I am obsessed! Who's coming with me?



how do you #vivalacool?!

New Month. New Home. New Goals.

New Month. New Home. New Goals.

Robert DeNiro's West Village Home

Robert DeNiro's West Village Home