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I'm a visually obsessed, native New Yorker, who's always searching for the coolest in design, food & travel. 

Over the last 5 years, I left a well established career in healthcare to pursue my passion for design and writing.  This website is my little piece of inspiration, thoughts & adventures as I seek out the most creative spaces  & experiences around the world.

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"Doctors save
lives by
a healthy life.
Designers save
lives by
a life worth living." 
-Mark W. Perrett
Top #Vivalacool Moments This Week 6.19.15

Top #Vivalacool Moments This Week 6.19.15


Nowadays is officially opening in Queens this week and welcoming you to your new backyard situation. Go for the games, locally sourced beers, and the variety of food for meat eaters and vegetarian alike! 



The Rough G Hotel in Rome, Italy was named one of the best designed hotels in the world and boasts chic Italian furniture set against rustic elements for an alluring blend of tastes and styles. 



Check out this gorgeous vacation home in Tuscany, Italy for some international inspiration on blending rustic and contemporary styles.  



On July 1st, Sotheby's will begin selling a new collection of 21 pieces depicting the power of the dollar. Artists include Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. 



For all you bike loving fanatics, AKA my boo, here is a chic new shop in LES, Narifuri, to keep you looking cool and feeling comfortable when you hit the streets. 

How do you #vivalacool? 

Colonia Verde Reopens in Fort Greene

Colonia Verde Reopens in Fort Greene

An Australian Vacation Home

An Australian Vacation Home