Hi, I'm Maia.

(Pronounced Maya)

I'm a visually obsessed, native New Yorker, who's always searching for the coolest in design, food & travel. 

Over the last 5 years, I left a well established career in healthcare to pursue my passion for design and writing.  This website is my little piece of inspiration, thoughts & adventures as I seek out the most creative spaces  & experiences around the world.

I hope you find this inspiring & share with me what inspires you as well! I'd love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting!



"Doctors save
lives by
a healthy life.
Designers save
lives by
a life worth living." 
-Mark W. Perrett
5 #vivalacool moments 5.22.15

5 #vivalacool moments 5.22.15

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, I am dedicating this #vivalacool post to summertime fun filled with friends, beautiful design and life outdoors!


I love a good outdoor seat at a restaurant, and Juliette offers this and more with their bi-level garden and rooftop restaurant. Come here to lounge in their garden over brunch, or take in a summer breeze on their rooftop for dinner. 


Delano South Beach 

I am in much need of a pool in my life, and this scene from the Delano South Beach has me looking to book a ticket to Miami ASAP! 


The easy transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces of Kelly Klein's home is so perfect for easy summer entertaining!


estilo NYC 

This Half Moon Coffee Table by Ben and Aja Blanc was one of my favorites from the Sight Unseen Offiste show this past week for NYCxDesign. Check out more of the awesomeness here


Have you tried the new Rekky App? It uses your friends' online social media check-ins and suggestions from trusted tastemakers, to recommend hotspots to visit, where ever you are around the globe. Pretty dope idea. 


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Robert DeNiro's West Village Home

Robert DeNiro's West Village Home

Boheme Mykonos - Greek Island Boutique Hotel

Boheme Mykonos - Greek Island Boutique Hotel